Innovative Learning Experience

Learning English through the Power of Music

"Music is the universal language of mankind"
-Carl Jung
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How to learn English without studying? Simply sing it!
How many times have you wanted to improve your English but didn't have the energy to start studying? Let's admit it, learning English can be challenging. Traditional learning methods with a private tutor or digital course can quickly become a task and cause us to lose motivation.
Why does this happen? Because there's usually no enjoyment in memorizing grammar rules or expanding vocabulary. And we all know that without enjoyment, there's no drive. But what if there's a way to turn the dry lesson into a fun and effective experience? What could be more enjoyable than music?

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Innovative teaching method for teachers

Adapted and approved by the Ministry of Education

Learning English through music!

Developing Language Skills with a Wide Range of Activities

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It's called Singit

Sing-It is an innovative teaching method for learning English through a positive, enjoyable, and musical experience. We all know that music has a strong influence on memory. Just hearing a catchy jingle is enough for it to stick in our memory (like a phone number for an insurance company or a corporate slogan), or even memorizing full English songs without actively studying the language. At Sing-It, we understood the power of music on the brain and language, and based on these principles, we turned every song into an English lesson you wouldn't want to miss.

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What will you gain from Singit lessons

A diverse playlist - At SingIt, you will find the most up-to-date and comprehensive collection of songs. You can learn English through your favorite songs in any genre you choose, from the biggest hits to beloved classics.

Enjoyment and motivation -
When you learn through music, it's much easier to remember details effortlessly and with enjoyment. Musical learning becomes a fun experience that generates motivation, making your English learning much more enjoyable and effective.

Flexibility -
Lessons are conducted through the app, allowing you to learn from anywhere and at any time that suits you.

High-quality learning -
No more monotonous word drills or learning through repetition that you'll forget after a few months. Instead, you'll experience high-quality learning that allows you to fully grasp and internalize the English language.

Results -
You can become an English speaker within a short period of time without confusion, stagnation, or forgetting. You'll be able to communicate naturally with English speakers.

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Learning experience for students

In SingIt you will find the most up-to-date and comprehensive song database - and students will get to learn English through their favorite songs.
In SingIt each student learns with their favorite song, improves their self-confidence, and takes experiential steps for a better future.

And what about content filtering?
Do not worry - each school will be able to filter the content of the songs according to the decision of the teaching staff.

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So what now?

Students choose their favorite song, listen and mark the unfamiliar lyrics.

Each click on the word introduces students to:

Words Translations and Meanings
Examples of use
Song suggestions containing the word